Friday, 29 April 2016

3D scanning experiments

I have been experimenting with a 3d scanner, looking at the way in which objects are arranged randomly inside other vessels, for example, inside bags or baskets. The initial scanning requires patience and is not always successful. However, once imported into Maya, the scans can be manipulated, smoothed and adjusted to created an interesting, topographical surface of objects. 

This was the first attempt at scanning a shopping tote bag and its contents. Although the contents are not readily recognisable the overall surface is interesting and textural.

Not all scans are successful. If there is not enough light the scanner cannot pick up parts of the surface, resulting in either gaps, or black patches. The difficulty in scanning the interior of a vessel is that the computer struggles to construct the exterior shape. This can then distort the interior.

This was the most successful scan. You can clearly see the rollers and sponges inside the basket. The scanner picked up the holes in the basket. I am moving on to experiment with scanning both individual objects to recreate object displays and whole shelves to see if I can get an interesting surface to play with.

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