Tuesday, 26 April 2016


A dear friend of mine purchased a bag of stamps from a flea market in Nice in 2010. They have sat on her bookcase for 6 years neatly packed away in a plastic wallet gathering dust. She has no use for them and let them sit next to a jam jar of buttons and a Norwegian naïve style wooden lighthouse.

Here are some photographs of some of the nicest, lest damaged and most colourful. I wanted to organise them in numbers and then colours. Letters with two stamps, some with three. Gradual colour changes from pale cerise through to deep umber.

I particularly like the landscape stamp, it makes me think about the person who was sending the letter must have been in a hurry, maybe replying to an important letter, paying a bill, maybe they slipped, or they were on a train. Everything about the way the stamps have been handled, organised and stuck tells a little story.

Here I find the variety of franc marks and their positioning very interesting. Again it tells a story, but this time about the Clerk, their accuracy is telling, what type of day were they having?

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